Welcome to MSSC, a pioneering Saudi private company delivering comprehensive surgical instrument sterilization solutions to both the private and public healthcare sectors across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our Services

Operating CSSD

We manage and operate a fully equipped CSSD within your hospital, ensuring all surgical instruments are sterilized efficiently and effectively, adhering to the highest safety and quality standards.

Instruments Sterilization

Our state-of-the-art offsite sterilization facility offers reliable and meticulous sterilization services for your surgical instruments, ensuring they are returned to your hospital ready for safe use.


We offer comprehensive consultation services for designing, building, procuring, and equipping your CSSD, tailored to meet your hospital’s specific needs and compliance standards.

Accreditation & Training

We provide accreditation and training services for CSSD departments and staff, ensuring compliance with industry standards and enhancing staff expertise in sterilization processes.


Maintenance & Repair

Our experts assess and refurbish surgical instruments, extending their lifespan and maintaining their functionality, thereby reducing costs and ensuring optimal performance.

surgical packs &

Instruments lease

We offer on-demand leasing of surgical packs and instrument sets, providing flexibility and convenience to meet your hospital’s immediate surgical needs without long-term commitments.


At MSSC, we provide top-tier surgical instrument sterilization services to healthcare facilities across Saudi Arabia. Serving both private and public sectors, our advanced sterilization processes and strict quality controls ensure the highest standards of hygiene and safety, supporting the healthcare industry with reliable and efficient solutions.

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